Vanavasi Kalyana Karnataka

“Give Time – Give Hope”


Become a partner in the service to tribals by participating in following ways:

  • Doctors: Individually or as a group can associate to run medical camps in Tribal areas.
  • IT professionals : volunteer to teach maths, science and quick learning techniques to hostel students.
  • Hospitals: Operate mobile medical units in tribal areas.
  • Lawyers: Join to protect the interest of tribals.
  • Senior citizens: Devote time, form city committees to spread the awareness and bridge the gap between Nagaravasi and Vanavasi society.
  • Teachers: Organize seminars in schools and colleges to give information to students on tribal life and culture. Conduct trips to tribal areas.
  • Women: Form social groups in residential complexes and localities to conduct awareness programmes on tribal life and social values
  • Temples,Trusts and Foundations: take up selected projects at vanavasi areas, sponsor food expenses of Vanavasi Hostels.
  • Enterprises: Sponsor projects, adopt a tribal locality or a group of tribal Villages, encourage employee contribution to Vanavasi Kalyan with matching schemes.
  • Media: Visit tribal areas write about tribal issues.
  • Youth: Volunteer to serve Vanavasi full/part time, organize Tribal sports, learn Tribal art, dance, culture, become ambassador of Tribal society.
  • Sports : train, sponsor tribal sports talents to sports events.

Apart from this, you can also involve in marketing Vanavasi Products, campaigning, fund raising, spread a word, networking with people for the cause of vanavasi brethren.

  • Two day National Workshop for urban volunteers “Akhil Bharatiya Vanavasi Karyakarta Nagariya Aayam Baithak” held on July 3 and 4, 2016 at Prashanti Kutiram, Benguluru, Karnataka. 136 select delegates from 25 pranths attended this national workshop.

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