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Vanavasi Kalyana Karnataka


One of the main objectives of VKA is to see that every Vanavasi child gets at least the primary education. But, most of the Vanavasi areas do not have government or private schools. Difficult terrain and lack of basic living conditions make even the government appointed teachers of the existing few schools not willing to serve the tribals. VKA is filling this gap and educating the children through the single teacher schools.

Dedicated men and women volunteers of VKA are staying in the remote Vanavasi areas. While living with the Vanavasis, these teachers earn their trust, and become one among them. They convey the importance of education to the parents and persuade them to send their kids to their schools. Due to their unremitting effort these schools have now become a part and parcel of a Vanavasi life.

However, the serving teachers also share their sufferings of those served. These teachers are deprived from all modern facilities. They are living in thatched huts, getting exposed to the unaccustomed wilderness of nature in their dedication to this social cause of education.

Donors can sponsor a teacher’s annual expenditure/adopt a school to promote tribal education.

Primary, Secondary, and High Schools

VKA is running the primary, secondary, and high schools in Vanavasi localities where government or any other private school is not available. VKK is mobilizing and motivating the Vanavasi parents to send their children to these schools. The financial help is given through donors.

Free Hostels for Girls and Boys

The first boys’ hostel for Siddis was started in Chipgeri of Karwar district in 1988. Later on hostels for girls and boys are started at various tribal areas. These hostels provide a conducive atmosphere that enable Vanavasi boys and girls to take up education. The students feel at home in these hostels that are away from their own houses.

Full time men and women seva vrithis stay with the hostel inmates, and take care of their cultural and emotional needs with necessary counseling. Attention is given to evolve the over all personality of the individuals.

Despite their best efforts, most of the Vanavasi areas are still deprived of schools, and facilities to commute to our schools.


No one from Danagar Gowli community of Karwar had entered the college prior to the efforts of VKK. In this current year, four girls have joined college; and all the four are from the VKK hostel from Dandeli. A few boys have completed their diploma, and are now suitably employed. Accommodation and further educational expenses of those opting for higher education in different cities is borne by VKK.

Chipgeri Mundgodu KarwarSiddi/Gowli/Kumbri, Marathi/Valmiki 16 boys
Ambikanagar Haliyal Karwar Danagar gowli/valmiki 32 boys
Dandeli Haliyal Karwar Siddi/ Danagara gowli 26 girls
Mangala Gundlu PeteChamarajnagar Soliga / jenu kuruba 14 boys
Kumta Kumta Karwar Kumbri Marathi/Siddi/Danagara gowli 4 boys

Non-formal Education Centers

Education is given in the evening to those who have dropped out of school, and who could not attend formal education due to poverty and lack of schools nearby. The education here starts from alphabets and ends with making the students appear for the tests conducted by the government so that they can continue with further study. Dropouts are persuaded and many have started continuing formal education through VKK support.

In addition, tuitions are given to the regular students through volunteers and seva vrithis. There are 46 such centers.

Balwadis for Kids

This is a pre-school facility for the Vanavasi kids aged between 3 to 6 years. These balwadis are located at the tribal locations in the remotest areas of the forest. Picture and object oriented knowledge is given up to 4 years old kids, and alphabets are taught to 5 years old kids. During the three hours duration, dance, songs, vachanas, and Sanskrit slokas are taught here in addition to games. Full time dedicated women volunteers stay here in the thatched huts built by the tribals, and educate these kids.

These woman volunteers visit the houses of the Vanavasis during their spare time and try to create awareness among the people about health, education, and economic growth. They become an integral part of the tribal life. Overall developments like roads, electricity, small bridges, government schools, and ashraya houses have come up due to the efforts of these volunteers using the government schemes.

There are over 10 kendras covering Dharwad, Chamrajnagar, Haliyal, Yellapur, Mundgod, Ankola, Kumta and Bhatkal taluks.


Libraries are housed in Vanavasi villages where there is some literacy and awareness. The libraries motivate youth to know about the current affairs, environmental issues, nation’s culture and heritage. This will also act as a center to mobilize Vanavasis to participate in various cultural and national festivals.

Small storybooks, newspapers, magazines, and informative journals are made available here. One youth among the tribals is nominated to take care of the library. Membership is free.

There are 9 such centers and there is a need to open many more across the tribal localities.

Bala Sanskar Kendras

Bala Sanskar Kendras impart the social and the cultural values to the school going tribal children. They conduct a daily two hours program from 6 pm to 8 pm, which covers patriotic songs, bhajans, drama, general knowledge, and games to develop leadership qualities - in addition to learning lessons based on school syllabus. By such acts they form the foundation for culture and education.

The original tribal art, songs, and dance are practiced and promoted in these centers to keep them deeply rooted in their culture, customs, and traditions. During summer and winter holidays, the seven days full time personality development workshops are conducted for these children.

These centers mould the future generations while creating great reformation among the parents and elder Vanavasi men and women.

There are over 36 such centers spread across Belgaum, Karwar, Dharwad, Kodagu, Mysore, and Chamarajnagar districts. VKK is planning to cover another four districts in the forthcoming year.

  • Two day National Workshop for urban volunteers “Akhil Bharatiya Vanavasi Karyakarta Nagariya Aayam Baithak” held on July 3 and 4, 2016 at Prashanti Kutiram, Benguluru, Karnataka. 136 select delegates from 25 pranths attended this national workshop.

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