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Vanavasi Kalyana Karnataka

About Us...

Vanavasi Kalyan Karnataka

To create awareness and for the comprehensive development of the tribals of Karnataka, the Vanavasi Kalyana Karnataka (VKK) was established in1989. Education of siddi tribes of North Karnataka was the first project. With aim of “ reaching the unreached” and awakening their potential power VKK started expanding its service activities among other tribes of Karnataka. Currently we have over 250 service projects in 154 locations in 8 districts.

With these selfless services came more number of inspired volunters; some from the developing sections of the tribal community, and others from the modern world - to educate and to elevate the tribals.

The beginning :

Shantaram Siddhi, the first graduate in Siddi community returned from the 40 days training as a volunteer and started the activity in Chipageri. He embarked upon the care of a primary school for 10 Siddi boys under the guidance of Sri Ajith Kumar, the founder of Hindu Seva Prathistana.

Sri Prakash Kamath, a gold medalist from KREC Surathkal, refused the best offers from the industry, joined VKK as a full time volunteer, and established faith and confidence among the Tribals. Inspired by the ideals of Swami Vivekanada, he with some volunteers reached the tribals with the sole objective of serving them, facing the geographic and social challenges. With the selfless devotion of the volunteers, he successfully bridged the gap between tribals and non-tribals leading to social harmony and self sustained growth. Sri Prakash Kamath is now the Organizing Secretary of Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram for Bihar and Jarkhand.

Sri Krishnamurty, moved by the stories of the exploitation and low social status of the tribals, resigned from the Indian Army and joined the VKK in 1994. From then on he is actively traveling in the very remote forest areas of Karnataka initiating service activities in these tribal pockets.

Sri Rangaswamy, an engineer from Karnataka, was the Director in Dandakaranya Development Authority set for resettling East Bengali Hindu Refugees in Orissa and Madhyapradesh. While working there, he developed great interest in serving people in-distress particularly Vanavasis (tribals). After his retirement, he has taken Vanavasi Welfare as his mission. He is now the President of State unit.

Objectives of VKK

  • Be one with the Vanavasi brethren, and make them feel that they are an inseparable and invaluable part of our society.
  • Instill pride about their glorious past, their art, customs, and social values.
  • Provide platforms for the development of their inherent potential power in sports.
  • Provide the basic education to the Vanavasi children.
  • Develop community leadership among their various groups.
  • Provide basic health care.
  • Identify, plan, execute and facilitate sustainable economic development projects in the tribal areas.
  • Create social awareness in the non-tribal society about the needs of the tribal society.
  • Bring about an overall improvement in the lives of Vanavasis while retaining their cultural identity and social value systems.
  • Enable the Vanavasis to play a major role in the environment protection, national integration, and nation building.

Seva Vratees:

They are the force behind the change, acceptability and implementation of our service activities in tribal areas. Educated youth men and women are inducted to work in the tribal areas after 40 days residential training. In this training the volunteers mind and intellect gets , moulded to the service activities. They educate, guide and motivate the tribes especially women towards better life. Many of the students from VKK girls hostel have taken up the training and have become leaders and occupied responsible positions in our organization. These young women travel miles in the difficult terrains and locate new tribal habitat(hadis) and start working for their welfare.

Area and activities
Particulars Nos Beneficiaries
Project locations 154  
Total Projects 264  
Vanavasi Districts 15  
Districts  covered 8  
Taluqs 18  
Villages 1135  
Bala sanskara Kendra- daily 4  
Boys Hostels 4 103
Girls Hostel  1 38
Balawadi 4 102
Bala sanskara Kendra- daily 4 100
Bala sanskara Kendra- weekly 42 2015
Grama Vikasa 4 2525
Self help groups 86 1545
Health Service 18 4675
Libraries 4 262
Tution centers 57 1875
Agriculture center 1 30
Sports center 8  
Shradha Jagaran 16  
  • Two day National Workshop for urban volunteers “Akhil Bharatiya Vanavasi Karyakarta Nagariya Aayam Baithak” held on July 3 and 4, 2016 at Prashanti Kutiram, Benguluru, Karnataka. 136 select delegates from 25 pranths attended this national workshop.

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